Our 2010 trip to Rome and Tuscany

Our 2010 trip to Rome and Tuscany In 2010 we took two weeks of holiday in Italy. First we went a week to Rome (well, actually to Frascati where we took the train or car to Rome), then a week in Tuscany.

Emilio's birthday party in Bokrijk

Emilio's birthday party in Bokrijk For Emilio's last birthday, he invited some friends to discovered Bokrijk with him. We were lucky with the weather, and it turned out to be a great day for all of us.

Sellah Sue and Mira

Sellah Sue and Mira Since the Belgian music scene is getting better and better (and the kids are bigger), we occasionally like to do a concert. So last year, on August 15th, we had the pleasure of seeing Sellah Sue performing in her home town on Marktrock in Leuven.

Autumn Holiday: the Voeren region

The beautiful scenery in the Voeren region In what is becoming a tradition, mum and dad invited all of us for a holiday during the Autumn Holiday. This time we stayed in Belgium, and went to the Voeren region, now a very peaceful and quiet part of the country, but once where the Belgian civil war almost started.

Emilio's Lentefeest

Emilio's Lentefeest Aangezien Emilio dit jaar 8 werd was het tijd voor zijn lentefeest. Vier opa's en oma's, twee mama's, een papa, twee tantes, een nonkels, twee zussen, een nichtje en drie neefjes waren van de partij.

Bezoek aan Brussel

De Grote Markt in Brussel Deze vakantie hebben we het om allerlei redenen niet ver gezocht. Maar een bezoekje aan Brussel is toch altijd de moeite waard.